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Rainbow Mountain – Not a Fairy Tale


Rainbow mountain, a unique place to be at Peru. This was a last minute decision, to hike the mighty Rainbow Mountain, a day right after the tiring journey of Machu Pichhu.

If you are staying in Cusco Peru, don’t ever missed out this journey. It can definitely be done in a day, as long as you willing to sacrifice your sleep, but you will not regret.

Without seeing it with you own eyes, you may not believe that this shifting colors, actually exists on earth.


We booked our stay with Airbnb : HERE with the price for SGD20 per night per room ONLY!
Alexander is a super friendly host, and he take care of you really well. One of my friend was ill because of altitude sickness, yet he provide you coca tea and some medication to make sure you are ok and his adorable twins, it just feel like home.


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How to get there

27332139_563045017369837_2152074676088777323_nIs not hard to get to Rainbow Mountain, but you will need to book a tour in advance. There is a lot of shop that you can get the tour with at Plaza de Armas. All you need to do is to bargain the best price you can get.

Our price is at 60 Soles (25SGD), inclusive of round trip transport (mini van), 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, a guide (speak little English), first aid oxygen (in case of altitude sickness).

You may need to check with them again and again on where is the pick up location, as ours was mixed up, but was sorted. Depends on where you are staying, they might be able to arrange pick up nearby your hostel/hotel or the easiest way is to gather at their shop at Plaza de Armas.

The tour starts very early in the morning at 3AM! So be prepare to not having any sleep, as we don’t. The whole tour will end at around 6/7PM!

Things you need to know

DSC00536You have to prepare lots of water, and of course some coca leaves. As altitude level in Rainbow Mountain is high, it is around 4k at the start, and it may reach 5.2k at the summit.

The walk to and from is around 14,000 feet / takes about 3 – 4 hours up and slightly less on the way down. So be prepared to fight not only the altitude sickness, but also your mentality.

edit3If you do not have the energy to trek all the way up, there is another option, by paying around 80 Soles for a round trip of horse riding. Be in mind that, the horse do not help your journey 100%, so means, some part of the journey, you will still have to hike up by your own effort. The ending journey that the horse will take you into is right before the summit, so yes, you have to climb all the way up to the submit (which I did, and the altitude nearly killed me haha).

25353759_10155690096210090_8632748141340864855_nAt times on the hike, the sun bears down the relentless intensity, bringing your skin to the boil. Make sure you have sunscreen, sunglasses, long sleeves with you all time. But the slightest breeze brings temperatures dropping right back down to frigid, so do remember to always have an extra jacket on hand.

27336976_563045000703172_8793247439084099912_nIf you are suffering from some minor headaches after the summit and back to the starting point, it is very normal. You just need to rest, and you will eventually get back to normal.

DSC00470Rainbow Mountain, is pretty straight-forward, it is a good opportunity if you ever have a change to experience it yourself.