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Salar De Uyuni , Bolivia under 400 SGD all in

DSC01032Salar De Uyuni is famous for their well known salt flat existence. It is the world largest salt flat and many have tempt to be going over to get the best shot for the mirror effects, I’m one of “the one”.

Throwing back to August 2017, I managed to get myself stepping into this amazing salt land and it really does impressed me. Here to share you all some information, to help making your trip easier.

When is the best time to go?

DSC00739April to December is the wet season (rainy season) will be best if you want to get amazing mirror effect photos as if you are walking on the sky. But, there are some places that you might not be able to visit due to flooding.


May to November will be the dry season, where lessor rain so it means, lessor water to show the mirror effect. But, during dry season, you are able to see infinity white salt sea as if you are lost in the horizon. Of course, you still have the chances to get the mirror effect view at a certain area (if there is water and no wind).

How to go to Bolivia

DSC00877Is pretty easy to get to Bolivia. But first you will need a VISA. VISA for Malaysian are easy to apply, and you can just do it HERE. Fill up all the forms online and submitting all the relevant documentations requested. Submit it, you will get a reference number. Print out all the forms and also all your documentations and bring along the original to prove it. Remember to also get your Yellow Vaccination done. Once you have done all your visa submission, your next step is to get your Bolivian Tourist Visa at the Bolivia Embassy via walk in. You can do it at Peru, the nearest country before entering Bolivia. Visa is done and given on the day.


Few ways to get to Bolivia

Route 1 –
Getting Bolivia Hop bus from Cusco to La Paz, Bolivia. Is a night bus, but is operated by US, so the guide speak fluent english and it is a very comfortable bus ride where you will also get to go on some day tour by adding extra. Bus time table are very convenient and you don’t have to do it all in one day (Is a hop on hop off bus concept).

From La Paz, Bolivia, take a flight (if you don’t prefer long journey bus ride, which is pretty bumpy) straight to Uyuni, Bolivia. Flight tickets are around 77 USD one way per person with Amaszonas Airline.

DSC00776Other routes –
If you have lessor time to travel around, you may want to consider to fly directly to Uyuni, Bolivia, where the flight tickets will be quite costly.

It is always good that you give yourself a night to stay at Uyuni before you start off the tour package. So you could have a place to rest and also fully charge all your devices.

Getting around in Uyuni, Bolivia

DSC00982Uyuni is a very small town. People come to Uyuni because this is the main starting point for the Salar De Uyuni tour. There are no public transport (like bus) from the airport, so it will be a great idea, if you would want to share with other strangers for the taxi from the airport to downtown. Once you are in the town, foot is pretty much your best transport of all time.

Salar De Uyuni, Tour

DSC00653There are a lot of tour package to offer. The common packages are 3 days 2 nights. The main thing that you will need is to BARGAIN because they are always selling the package in such a high price, all well, tourist trap. You can even get a tour in Peru before you head to Bolivia or even in La Paz. It will be easier if you could get a tour sorted before you reach Uyuni, for some time saving so you can just start your tour freshly the next day.

If you do not have much time, you may consider the 2 days 1 night trip where it is very rare. You will have to ask and most of them usually tell you it is impossible to do a 2 days 1 night trip. But, it is possible. So ask for it and bargain.



Remember to take all sorts of amazing funny photos!!

Things to take note while booking a tour

  1. Opt to show a photos of the accommodations of your stay for the whole trip
  2. Ask for bargain. Usually they will charge you at a high rate, but bargain as low as you could. My tour was 575 Bolivian per person for a 2 Days 1 Night tour inclusive of 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 1 Dinner, a local driver and Jeep transportation. (So basically you don’t have to spend a lot on food since it will all inclusive)
  3. Request for a sleeping bag (for free if possible) to prevent cold night weather. As some areas, it may be really cold that it will drop to at least -15 degree (especially when you are on a 3 days 2 nights).
  4. Make sure all your devices and power banks are fully charge before you start your trip as during your stays, there will be NO (mostly) power for you to charge your devices.
  5. Bring snacks and more drinks with you.
  6. Bring warmer cloths especially if you are on a 3 days 2 nights as the places you are going to be at will be dropping to at least -15 degree at night.
  7. There will be 6 people in a group (excluding 1 driver) on the tour and the driver will be your tour guide whom speak little or no english. If you want an english tour/driver, your tour price will be double as the original (I don’t think it is necessary).
  8. There is private tours as well which I think it will be fun if you join it together with strangers rather than doing it private because you get to know new friends and have all the fun together, if you are lucky, maybe one or two of them speak spanish which give you great help. 🙂 (that’s what happen to me, lol)
  9. Public toilets (bano) are hard to find when you are on the road, so get prepare to just go somewhere to do your “business” randomly.


Expenses breakdown references
Rates will be using as per today’s rate from 1 Bolivian = 0.18988 SGD

  • Accommodation at Uyuni : Private room @ Hostel Bunkers
    : 95 BOL per person / 18 SGD per person
  • 2 Days 1 Night Salar De Uyuni tour : 1 B, 2 L, 1 D + 1 Night Acc + Jeep
    : 575 BOL per person / 110 SGD per person
  • Taxi from Uyuni airport to town (your hotel doorstep)
    : 15 BOL per person / 3 SGD
  • Others foods / drinks / snacks : A basic portion meal cost around 20BOL
    : Approximately 80 BOL / 15 SGD
  • Bolivia Hop bus from Cusco Peru to La Paz , Bolivia
    : 62 USD / 86 SGD per person
  • Flights from La Paz, bolivia to Uyuni, Bolivia
    : Amaszonas airline : 77 USD / 110 SGD per person one way


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