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Easter Island on a budget

DSC01353Easter Island, one of the most isolated islands on Earth and this drag to my attention. I don’t remember where I saw about all these statues from on TV when I was young, since then is always my bucket list. And now, I strike it off!! YAY~ There is so less asians (especially malaysian) actually took the chances to fly all the way to this mystery giant stone statues island somewhere around the Pacific Ocean! So a lot of my friends goes : WOAH~WHAT?! YOU WENT TO EASTER ISLAND? NO WAY….. 

How to get to Easter Island

DSC01316The only easiest way to get to this isolated island is via flying (or maybe if you got more days you can try to sail, haha). Unfortunately, LAN Airline is your only choices to fly into Easter Island. If you have the intention to visit here and be isolate (HA-HA), is always good to always book your flight earlier. Only the airtickets can slice off half of your budgets.

I bought mine , a return tickets from Chile Santiago to Easter Island for about 460 USD (equivalent to around SGD648). Lan airline is consider a very good airline, comfortable seats, in-flight entertainment and also food. It takes about 5 hours for the flight (one way).

Where to stay

DSC01535Accommodation in Easter Island are quite expensive and it fills up really fast. If you have a group of people, then airbnb will be your best choice, but if you are on a solo or 2 people and having a tight budget, I’ll recommend you : Tipanie Moana Campsite

DSC01293You can either go for their camping tent or renting the dorm rooms or the twin / double rooms. Me and my friend book a private twin room (share toilets) for 5 nights at the price of 62,500 chile peso (around SGD136) in total. Is consider a great cheap deal and we are lucky that they still have rooms for us.

If you book for at least 3 nights with them, they provide you a free airport transfer (actually it is very near to the airport, that you can just walk). They waited for you at the airport and also the rest of the other guest staying at the same hostel as you are. They give you a flower necklace each , representing: LUCK and WELCOME. I actually felt overwhelming, because I do feels like i’m having a “Hawaii” holiday. G-Yeah~

How to get around the Island

easter island mapHere comes the tricky part, there is a lot of way to go around the Island and is all depending on your stamina and most importantly , YOUR WALLET.

  • WALK and HITCHHIKING will be your only choice if you doesn’t wish to spend any penny on this island. It is possible to do this, but you seriously need a lot of stamina for this, and I think is going to be quite fun.
  • Bicycle rental starts from 12000 CLP which is around SGD26 for 24 hours per person.
  • Motorcycle rental starts from 22000 CLP which is around SGD48 for 24 hours per motorcycle which can be share by 2 people. Probably a good choice if you are in a group of 2 and you know how to ride a motorcycle (sadly I don’t).
  • Car rental starts from 45000 CLP which is around SGD98 for a manual car OR 70000 CLP which is around SGD152 for an automatic car for 24 hours per car. Guess this is my only choice but then I realize, i can’t drive a manual car. But on the day of my arrival, we actually met a few new friends and one of the guy – Flavio can drive a manual car and is wiling to share the car cost together. Yet, the owner of the hostel actually offer us another car (which is crappy but who cares) that cost 35000 CPL , around SGD76 per car for 24 hours. So we split the car cost among 5 people at the first 2 days and 3 people on the next day. So triple win.

Well, all above are only needed to travel around easter island, but if you just need to stroll around the town, walking is manageable. So you don’t have to rent a car for so many days. Only rent it when you need it. All you need to do is to book if 1 day earlier so they can arrange it up for you.

Unavoidable expenses
Here comes the down side, to be able to really see the whole island, you need to purchase a pass (which you can just purchase it right on the time when you touch down at the airport). This pass allows you to visit all attractions spots and this cost bloody 80USD! If you refused to buy, then you will also be refused to enter to the national parks on the Island.

Food on the Island


Since this island is so isolated, middle of no where on the Pacific Ocean, foods, alcohol and drinks are all expensive on the Island because all stuffs come from mainland and this clearly increase the prices on the Island. The wiser choice is to stock up all your needs (especially your spices) in the mainland – Chile, santiago before you head to Easter Island. 

A round small pizza will cost you about 2,600 CPL (around SGD5.6) which is consider the cheapest on the Island. One beer cost around 1200 CPL (around SGD2.60 –> Oklah, beer i can accept and spend on it because it is still cheaper than Singapore, right?right?right?).

If you are on tight budget and don’t wish to spent too much, i recommend you to cook yourself at the hostel and maybe you can spend one or two night eating out for a luxury and relax meal. The famous dish on the Island is TUNA. (I never try because i’m running out of money so yea…….)

Currency use on the Island

On the Island they accept Peso Chile OR USD notes. But it is still good using CPL and do bare it in mind that, make sure you change enough money before you go to Easter Island (and also bring some USD cash with you for back up) because exchange rate on the Island is very bad.


So that’s all for now and i’ll share with you about what you can do in Easter Island in my next upcoming post. Stay tune!







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