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43 days of Iceland and Europe within 5,000SGD

Completed my 43 days of Iceland and Europe from late October till early December. Here to share you my rough cost and routes.

A total of around 5000 SGD has been spent on my trip which include all flight tickets, bus and train transportation also not forgetting some tour, car rental in Iceland and hostel all over my destinations.whatsapp-image-2016-12-29-at-8-42-22-pm

Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam – Iceland – Copenhagen – Hamburg – Brussels –  Luxembourg – Brussels – Amsterdam – Dublin – Bristol – London – Lisbon – Madrid – Valencia – Barcelona – Montpelier – Lyon – Milan – Trieste – Ljubljana – Lake Bled – Ljubljana – Vienna – Salzburg – Hallstatt – Salzburg – Vienna – Budapest – Kuala Lumpur

Flight Ticket Expenses

img_3987My trip has involved 8 flights tickets (all in one way):

Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam (Etihad Airway) : 492.77 SGD

Amsterdam – Reykjavik, Iceland (Wow Air) : 195.81 SGD

Reykjavik, Iceland – Copenhagen, Denmark (Iceland Air) : 170 SGD

Hamburg – Brussels, Belgium (Ryan Air) : FREE

Amsterdam – Dublin, Ireland (Ryan Air) : 58.21 SGD

Dublin, Ireland – Bristol, UK (Ryan Air) : 45.97 SGD

London – Lisbon, Portugal (Ryan Air) : 59.14 SGD

Budapest – Kuala Lumpur (Etihad Airway) : 542.57 SGD

Two budget airline I would recommended and I normally used: Easyjet or Ryanair. Well, not everyone agree on this, as for Ryanair they might just charge you extra on check in at the counter, check in bags, meals etc. But this goes the same to our Malaysia Budget Airline – Air Asia. If you travel light, they is no need for you to buy any check in bags. You might want to check some other airlines as well, as promotions are unpredictable.

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Wonder why my flight from Hamburg to Brussels cost ZERO? I am lucky enough that, during the time while I was checking on flights price (because the time table for a bus ride from Hamburg to Brussels does not match my schedule) , they are having promotions by signing as their guest for the first time at their website and get a 10EUR voucher for the next booking. So I did it, and yes, my flight from Hamburg to Brussels actual flight price is 9.90 EUR which I redeem it with the voucher and it cost nothing. HURRAY!

But for all my others Ryanair flight tickets, they are not the cheapest as I booked them too fast. Always check their website as they always have summer / spring / winter promotions. You can get cheaper price than the one that I had bought.

The rest of my trip, I did it all by LAND. Because it is cheaper.

Total flight tickets spent: 1,564.47 SGD

Land Travel Expenses (Bus & Train from city to city)

img_4449I find my ticket price and how I am going to route everyone of it via I read a lot of different bloggers experience and also from Tripadvisor.

Why sometimes getting a bus or train is much more cheaper to travel around Europe? Sometimes you can choose overnight train or bus which help you to save cost on accommodation and is really a good experience. I do not recommend people buying the EUR RAIL PASS, unless you are 200% confirm you will be using the train from the same company all over Europe, then you can go for it. I’ve used bus more often than train, because bus is really very cheap compare to train.

dsc_2081The two major bus company I use is Flixbus and Ouibus. Flixbus will be recommended as they have more destinations for you to choose.

Here a breakdown for you of my route price from country to country, city to city (all in 1 way):

Copenhagen, Denmark – Hamburg, Germany : Flixbus 15 SGD

Brussels, Belgium – Amsterdam, Nertherlands : OuiBus 18 SGD

Bristol, UK – London, Uk : National express 10.96 SGD

Lisbon, Portugal – Madrid, Spain : Renfe Overnight Train 53 SGD 

Madrid, Spain – Valencia, Spain : Renfe Train 34 SGD

Valencia, Spain – Barcelona, Spain : Alsa Bus 11 SGD

Barcelona, Spain – Montpellier, France : Ouibus 30 SGD 

Montpellier, France – Lyon, France : Ouibus 23 SGD

Lyon, France – Milan, Italy : Flixbus 30 SGD 

Milan, Italy – Trieste, Italy : Tranitalia (Train) 31 SGD

Trieste, Italy – Ljubljana, Slovenia : Flixbus 14 SGD

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Bled, Slovenia : Local Bus (Return ticket) : 17 SGD

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Vienna, Austria : Flix Bus : 34 SGD

Vienna, Austria – Salzburg, Austria : Local Train (return) : 161.30 SGD

Salzburg, Austria – Hallstatt, Austria : Bus + Train (return) : 62.50 SGD

Vienna, Austria – Budapest, Hungary : Flixbus : 22.65 SGD

Tips: If you book the bus tickets in advance, it will be cheaper and most of the time, they do have different promotions which you can find at the website. Sometimes National Express even offer 1 Pound bus ticket.

Total train + Bus expenses: 567.41 SGD


dsc_2084Most thought accommodations in Europe is very expensive. This is true, but it does depends on where you going to stay and what kind of accommodation you are looking at. The most frequent places I look for my accommodation are: Airbnb & Hostel and also Couchsurfing

If you are a first time Airbnb user, do use my code here: Airbnb Discount Code to enjoy a discount for first time user only.

In my previous blog: How to Plan for Europe I did share on where to search for accommodation.

Here my 43 days of accommodations breakdown (price is all per person):

dsc_2058AmsterdamGenerator Hostel Amsterdam. They have various of locations around Europe. Environment is great, recommended. Price: 31 SGD, for ensuite private 4 bed, 1 night

Iceland, Reykjavik: Airbnb stay with Hannes : Entire home, shared by 5 people. 76.60 SGD, total 3 nights.

Iceland – Campsite: 28 SGD

Copenhagen, Denmark: Airbnb stay with Anne : Entire home, shared by 4 people. 79.75 SGD, total 2 nights.

Hamburg, GermanySuperbude St Pauli Hostel Hamburg. Very hippy style and comfortable environment. Highly recommended. Price: 35.50 SGD, ensuite private 4 bed (room is huge), 1 night.

Brussels, Belgium: Airbnb stay with Rosa Ana : Entire home, shared by 4 people. Right in the city centre. 95.64 SGD, total 3 nights.

Dublin, Ireland: 2 nights with Couchsurfing. Cost: Zero.
1 night with Jacon Inn. Dorm room, 18 SGD, 1 night. Recommended.

Bristol & London: Total of 2 nights. Cost: Zero. (Stay over at friend’s and cousin’s).

Lisbon, PortugalLiv’in Hostel Lisbon. Room are small, but environment is cozzy. Comes with free breakfast. Dorm room: 28.69 SGD, 2 nights. Recommended.

Madrid, SpainMola Hostel Madrid. Room are in great size. Ensuite. Environment is cozzy and clean, right in the city centre. Dorm room: 27SGD, 1 night. Highly Recommended.

Valencia, Spain: Center Valencia Youth Hostel. Location is great. Rooms are small. Dorm room: 42 SGD, 3 nights. Moderate.

Montpellier, France: Couchsurfing. Cost : Zero , 1 night.

Lyon, FranceLe Flaneur Guesthouse. Expensive but environment is really great and comfortable. Dorm room: 66 SGD, 2 nights.

Milan, Italy: Airbnb with Paolo Giovanni. Shared room. 22 SGD, 1 night.

Trieste, Italy: Couchsurfing. Cost: Zero. 1 night.

Bled, SloveniaCastle Bled Hostel. Location is great. Environment is cozzy and comfortable. Dorm room: 16.44 SGD, 1 night. Highly recommended.

Vienna, AustriaWombats City Hostel – The Lounge. They have two location in Vienna. For location wise, I would recommend the other one. The one I stayed is a bit distance but is still walkable. Dorm room: 72.48 SGD, 2 nights.

Salzbug, AustriaYoho International Youth. Location is great. Near to train station and city. But for room and staffs wise, i’m not satisfied with the amount I paid for. Dorm room: 58.89 SGD, 2 nights. Highly NOT recommended.

Budapest, HungaryMaverick City Lodge. Location is great, room are comfortable with curtains. Price is amazingly cheap. Dorm room: 33 SGD, 3 nights. Highly Recommended.

Total accommodation spent: 730.99 SGD

Other expenses:

dsc_2122Some other expenses are like:

A data sim card 10 Countries: Approximate: 150 SGD
Glacier tour in Iceland: 116.66 SGD
Attractions (including hot spring in Iceland): 83 SGD
Campervan 6 days rental in Iceland : 194 SGD
(Including insurance for 6 days, 2 gas bottle, petrol)
Public Transport: 68 SGD
(Most of the time i’m walking around, so walking is free. Transportation is only on places that are too far or from airport to / from hostel or bad weather)
Taxi in Iceland : 36 SGD

Total other expenses: 647.66 SGD

Final Estimation Calculations:

img_4195This trip, I have change approximately: 2,550 EUR = 3,866.75 SGD (Rate average at 1 EUR = 1.51 SGD).

My remaining balance of EUR is around 800 EUR cash (Not including all the coins i left, which if added, total will be more than 800 EUR), approximate : 1,208 SGD.

Actual cash used: 3,866.75 SGD – 1,208 SGD = 2,658.75 SGD

Total expenses paid by card:
Accommodations : 273.99 SGD
Flight tickets: 1,564.47 SGD
Bus + Trains: 326.61 SGD
Glacier tour: 116.66 SGD

Total card payment: 2,281.73 SGD

Total expenses paid by cash:
Accommodations: 457 SGD
Other expenses: 531 SGD (excluding glacier tour)
Train + Bus: 240.80 SGD
Food and other shoppings & souvenirs: 1,429.95 SGD

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

For food expenses, I am unable to break down for you as most of the time i’m spending money on random fast food (MCD) or supermarkets or Christmas Market street food. But within the amount of 1,670.75 SGD is including some really good meal in some average restaurants, and a fine dinning at Lava Restaurant.

Total 43 days of expenses: 2,281.73 SGD + 2,658.75 SGD = 4,940.48 SGD

It is possible to travel around Europe for less than 5,000 SGD even tho you did eat some good food along the way. But if you are eating really budget food like bread, every own cook meal from supermarket, spend most of your stay with Couchsurfing, it is possible to spend less than 4,500SGD for 43 days.

dsc_2978More information for my previous blog that you may be interested:











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