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How to Plan for Europe

img_4454October 19 2016, I quit my stable 9-6 job and step out of my comfort zone to see some part of Europe that I have not yet been. People start questioning:

“How you know where you are going?”
“How you save up your money?”
“How did you plan and go everywhere in such budget way?”


“How did you plan all the routes?”


I’m not a very well-experience or well-known traveler, but I can just share you some of my personal honest and humble experience throughout my on and go traveling life since the age of 19 years old.

I’ve spend 43 days in Europe in 2016 and is tiring, amazing and lots of stories path that I have gone through.

Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam – Iceland – Copenhagen – Hamburg – Brussels –  Luxembourg – Brussels – Amsterdam – Dublin – Bristol – London – Lisbon – Madrid – Valencia – Barcelona – Montpelier – Lyon – Milan – Trieste – Ljubljana – Lake Bled – Ljubljana – Vienna – Salzburg – Hallstatt – Salzburg – Vienna – Budapest – Kuala Lumpur

Route Planner

I will use google map as my planning tools and is really useful. I try using the My Map of google so that I can pin the places i want to go and try to route it from there.

Before you do this, is best you could ask yourself what you really want to see then you can start minimized the places that matches your interest.


15676168_378326815841659_5898289254163853001_oGetting around in Europe is pretty easy. They have really good connections on Trains, Buses and Flights. Relating this to point one – route planner, once you know where you want to go, then the next step will be research. is always the best place where you can just type in key words: How to go to Budapest from Vienna.

I’m sure there will be plenty of results coming out of various bloggers exchanging their experience and knowledge. Trains can be bought in really good price if you book it online in advance, same goes to bus.

If you want it in a budget way to travel around Europe, try to focus on Bus. (well, sometimes flights are cheaper like: Ryanair, Easyjet, but when there isn’t, bus might be a good choice).

Bus that I recommended are: Flixbus , OuiBus and Alsa Bus

There always have some promotions going on where you can check it out at their website, where Flixbus has more destination for you to choose. If you book early, sometimes you can even get a 1 to 5 eur one way bus ticket!


15775062_378326685841672_151809770101711410_oThis depends on your budget and needs. For me, i’m a budget traveler so I tend to try to minimized my expenses. Below are some of my options:

Airbnb – A good choice if you are more than 2 people. This you are able to rent down the entire flat by just splitting up the cost which will be quite worth.

Hostel – A good choice if you are in a tight budget and travel alone or wanting to meet more new friends. Good place to find hostel are through: Hostelsbookers, Agoda,

Couchsurfing – Is an amazing network where you can try to find someone available to host you. You don’t have to pay anything for accommodation BUT , please respect the host and do not treat their place as FREE HOTEL. Respect them, try to socialize with them and so on. Give and Take.

Getting Around in Cities

15665724_375927112748296_6682339782352714695_nExploring the cities by foot is capable. Walking around, you not only save money but also able to experience and explore more on the city itself. Try to walk as much as you can and you will be amazed.

Food & Drinks

15732709_378326832508324_622999292663294506_oHaving luxury meals is never in my list when I travel, so mostly I will be aiming for street foods and food from bakery shop or supermarkets. This I can save up a lot. But sometimes I will break my rules by spending a little more on their local food if it is highly recommended.

Tripadvisor and lonely planet is always the best tools for you to find good, cheap and recommended food around your area.

Lastly, feel free to watch my 43 days in Europe footage in HD:











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