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Budapest, Hungary in RM500 or SGD155

15350531_369655543375453_2576783482259484650_nBudapest is the capital city of Hungary. A city full of rich and hearbreaking histories,a city that have the first metro within the European Union, a city where they cherish their beloved King Stephen, a city where they had the greatest football leader – Ference Puskas, a city of paprika, a city full of delicious food, a city having to speak the world second hardest language, a city that you will fall in love with.

How to get to Budapest, Hungary

Once again, Europe is big. It all depends on how you want to get there. Getting into Budapest now is very convenient, by plane, by train or by bus. I travel to Budapest from Vienna by Flixbus at around 19 Eur. Journey is around 3 hours. Budapest is getting more and more popular no matter what season they are, so do put them into your bucket list.


15356770_368685570139117_3125254555734327413_nI booked my 4 days 3 nights stay through hostelbookers with Marverick City Lodge Hostel in a mix dorm 8 bedded for around 21 EUR in total. They are in a high ranking by travels at 9.4 and I have to agree with it.

The hostel is a capsule type room, so you will your own privacy in the bedroom with own personal power plug and lights. Bed area is very big and comfortable. The hostel have a kitchen too where you can use, a very good common area and many tripadvisor restaurant and supermarkets around the hostel. To city and all attractions can be done all by foot, so there is no need to get the metro or tram.

Getting Around in Budapest

15337528_369666046707736_6985685730788342507_nI’ve visit most of the attractions places by foot and is walk-able from the hostel. If you do not wish to walk, the tram and metro lines are well build and have good connections. Single tickets for a metro is around 350HUF (approximate: 1.1 EUR).

Currency in Budapest

15319202_369666413374366_8187329481239675766_nI will recommend you to change HUF (their local currency) rather than using EURO. There are plenty of money changer in the city so you can always change when you are running out of money. But change bit by bits. I only changed 50 EUR when I first arrived and it actually help me to survive on my foods for 2 days (good food). And I changed extra 10 EUR for more food and souvenirs.

Things to do in Budapest

There are so many things that you can do or just chill. I will name you my favorite, and the rest are for yourself to explore the city by yourself.

15338798_369653556708985_5079608694636140977_nChain Bridge – Is just stunning both in day and night. I went several times and took a lot of photo. You cross the chain bridge to the other side of Budapest, from there you get to visit Buda Castle, Zero KM, Fisherman’s Bastion. Also the other side you can visit Citadella and Liberty Statue which I did not go.

15391192_369666290041045_5944302346619252333_nFisherman’s Bastion – a terrace in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style situated on the Buda bank of the Danube, on the castle hill built in 1895 – 1902. From there, you can also overlook the amazing breathtaking panorama view of the other side of Budapest where you can see the Parliament and the chain bridge.

15356602_369438883397119_5187779519619644328_nShoe on the Danube River – These are not design as an art for the city, but was design to the memorable of the victims being shot into the river by the Cross Arrow Militiaman. Many jewish has been killed in 1944-1945 including women and children. Victims were requested to leave their shoes behind and face the bank, so that their body will be dropped into the river and been flash away. Shoes are built for those who had died and a memorable of their shoes being left behind.

15380349_369666296707711_1582114913359671166_nParliament – It is just opposite the shoe on the Danube River, so it is a great way to see the parliament as well.

15369789_120300001038137882_1493399179_oGrand Synagogue – Weeping Willow, Holocaust monument. The tree of life standing in thde Dohany Street Grand Synagogue. The tree is built in a metal weeping willow tree and each leaf carried the name of a Holocaust victim.

15284895_369668103374197_1572788999492961983_nChristmas market – December is the season of Santa, so if you are there during end of nov till Christmas, do visit their Christmas Market. Is pretty, warming and lots of Hungarian food.

Ice Skating & Thermal bath – You can go to the Hero Square. There is a Thermal Bath and also ice skating ring at that area. I did not manage to go but just have a short car ride view that a family I met bring me. The Ice Skating ring is big and beautiful, during summer is a lake, so can you imagine that you are skating on top of a lake.

15380373_369428800064794_1159276517676697843_nSzimpla Kert – An abandoned flat which was turned into a very successful pub. There are several pubs inside and you can choose. Is not noisy but is very chilly where you can just sit down and relax. During summer, there is an outdoor cinema where you can chill and watch movie.

Join a walking free tour – If you want to know more history about Budapest or maybe you have lessor time to spend in Budapest, a walking tour is your best option. There is an English walking tour guide everyday at 1030AM right in from of St Stephan. Walking tour is free but on tip base, so is up to you on how much you are willing to pay the tour guide or maybe none.

What to eat in Budapest

15355694_369668143374193_3955611143597799486_nWhen you come to food, think of Paprika. Most of the dishes here in Budapest have paprika in it and it taste absolutely nice. There are many Hungarian food and I cannot remember all the names but I’ll try to guide you.

If you want to taste it all, I will suggest you to go to Gastland Bisztro Oktogon. Is a buffet style restaurant , and you just pay and eat all you can and you can taste all the Hungarian food. The price I saw from their website is cheap – within 10 EUR .

You can give a taste on Kürtoskalács at the Christmas Market and it comes with different flavour. Cheapest is around 1200 HUF ( 3.80 EUR ) which is a really big portion that you can share.

15356541_369668220040852_6081195830386025741_nGoulash soup and stuffed cabbage roll are my favorite in Budapest. A must try in Budapest or else you will regret and they are cheap.15283935_369668273374180_536828985754256855_n

I come across this amazing little food bar – Bors GasztroBar 15317993_369668576707483_7042400525792217574_n which is located 2 min away from my hostel under Trip-advisor. The environment is chilly and full of star wars decorations. They serve very nice baguette and hot soup. Price for a menu (baguette + soup) are around 3.7 EUR and you will be very full. If you are not sure what to get, just feel free to ask the guy at the counter and he will introduce you various of flavor. Trust me, you won’t regret.

 My expenses breakdown:

2 single tickets bought on metro, from bus station and to airport: 2.20 EUR
Changed 60 EUR in total for 4 days 3 nights inclusive of eat out food and souvenirs
Hostel for 3 nights : 21 EUR
Bus ticket Vienna – Budapest : 19 EUR

Total:  102.20 EUR (rate: 1 EUR = 4.8 RM = RM490.56, 1 EUR = 1.51 = SG154)

To view more photos of Budapest: Please Like my facebook page (at the side) or visit here : Budapest , Hungary Album 








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