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Bled, Slovenia in 2 days 1 night

img_5479Here to share one of my route to Slovenia. Bled is a small town at lake bled and is located southern foot of the Karawanks mountain range. Is about 50KM away from Ljubljana. The major capital city of Slovenia.


Crystal clear water

Getting to Bled, Slovenia

Getting to Bled is very easy and is affordable. Most people travel to Bled from the capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana by the local bus. Bus are served hourly and the journey will take 1.15hours to get to the main bus station in Bled.


Tickets are: 11.30 Eur (return). Last bus from Bled to Ljubljana is 8.30PM so make sure you catch. Usually if you buy the return ticket, the getting back to Ljubljana is an open ticket, which mean you can board the bus at anytime on the specific date.

How to get to Ljubljana? It actually depends on where are you coming from. Most common area will be Croatia, Austria and Trieste, Italy. As they are nearer. I am coming from Trieste Italy, which is about 1.5 hours bus ride (via FLIXBUS, 9 EUR one way) into the main bus station in Ljubljana.


Most traveler will stay in Ljubljana, then doing Bled as a side day trip. This is possible, but it really depends on what you are looking to. I did not spend time in Ljubljana, so I get the bus directly to Bled and spend a night there.


Terrace of Hostel – Castle Bled

I stayed with Castle Bled Hostel, pricing at 10 EUR per night. It is very near to the main bus station of Bled, by foot 4 mins up hill, you will reach the hostel. And it is very near to the Lake and a supermarket (2 min by foot to supermarket).

I highly recommend this hostel, they give you the best service they could, the environment is very comfortable, kitchen is 24 hours. Even if you check out, you can still use the kitchen, common room, the terrace, toilets and even shower room for FREE.


They also provide you informative information of Bled. Telling and suggesting you where to go based on how many nights you are staying. If you stay 3 nights with the hostel, they will give you 1 more night free. Which i think is a pretty good deal.

Getting around in Bled

img_5506Bled is very small. So you don’t have to spend any money on transportation. The only thing you need is the energy to walk. Bled is a very peaceful town and safe. So don’t worry of getting lost in Bled. People in the town are friendly, and most of them do speak english.

What to do in Bled


Lake bled – Will be your first priority during your stay in Bled. The whole lake is approximately 6KM, it will take you 1.30 hours to finish the whole lake by foot.

img_5516One great view point at lake bled is Ojstrica. You will need sometime to walk all the way along the lake by passing the church direction, until you see the signboard of Ojstrica (route 6). Then just follow the signboard.

img_5512You will be doubting yourself about the direction, as it leads you into a forest where you need to hike all the way uphill for at least 20 minutes. Is a pretty stiff hike and just be careful as some steps are quite slippery. Hold on to rocks if you need to.

img_5527I will highly suggest you bring along your lunch box / sandwich and do a mini short picnic up there because is very stunning and relaxing. With great weather, you are able to see the mountains as well.

If you are going to Bled during mid winter, you probably will be seeing a very amazing view of Lake Bled covering with snow, which I didn’t get to view as there is no snow on my visit.

Two more attractions that are recommended which I did not have time to go are:


Image from GOOGLE

Lake Bohinj – 40 minutes away by local bus. Bus depart hourly and tickets are around 3 – 4 eur per way.


Image from Google

Vintgar gorge – around 4 Km away from Bled. Most people go there on foot. Was being told the way to gorge is pretty and is not a bad walk. Is pretty easy to reach. Vintgar gorge has a waterfall inside which is really pretty (from google photos). The whole journey on foot would probably taking up to 4 hours.

If you have time, I do suggest that you spend more nights in Bled. It is really a good place to rest and recharge. You don’t have to do all attraction just in one day but to split it evenly.

What to eat in Bled

I did not eat out as i’m in a tight budget. But there is one dessert that is good to just try and is recommended by locals.15293299_120300000959904585_118383551_o

Cream cake – You can find everywhere in Bled and it is well known there. You can get it when you are out of Bled but will probably not taste as original as it is in Bled. Is 2.90 Eur per slice and I share it with a Korean girl I met and another 2 Australian couple.4589968-bear_with_a_sweet_tooth_bled

The shop I went to is recommended by both the Hostel staff and Tripadvisor. It is just next to the bus station, and is easy to find because they have a bear logo on it.


I will not be able to give much comment on the city itself as I did not explore it. Probably because i’m sick of city. But if you are there during christmas period (nov – dec) do check out their Christmas market. The decorations are stunning.img_5550

Total spend:

Return bus ticket (Ljubljana to Bled) 11.30 EUR
Flixbus ticket from Trieste to Ljubljana : 9 EUR
Supermarket (for food) : 10 EUR (including one body wash gel)
Snacks at Ljubljana : 4 EUR
Hostel 1 night with castle bled: 11.82 EUR (including 1.82 city tax compulsory per night)
Cream cake : 2.90 EUR / 2 people = 1.50 EUR
Total: 47.62 EUR = RM219 / SGD72




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