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Iceland within RM6700 in 9 days

15129058_1215154941888462_8254294906833389690_oIceland has been really popular recently and is on many people bucket list. I’m glad I have ticked it and it has been one of my amazing trip I have done with my friends. Please do read the two blog I have written previously about Iceland : 9 days In Iceland and Things you should know about Iceland.

This blog I will focus on all the general information and prices. Expenses are based on general, which is excluding all others personal expenses such as shopping.

Flight to Iceland

img_3989There are plenty of flight that fly into Iceland and the 2 most popular airline will be IcelandAir and Wow Airline. Both flights are usually departing from the Europe, mostly Amsterdam , London and Paris as they are nearer to Iceland. Where Icelandair have flights from the USA. If you are flying to or from USA with Icelandair, you get 7 days of stopover in Iceland without any extra charges on your flight ticket. Is pretty good! So , is not surprise to see many american travel to Iceland.

I took both Wow and Icelandair. I personally prefer Icelandair as they gives you baggage allowance to check in where WOW airline, will need to purchase. Seats are more comfortable for Icelandair comparing to WOW airline.

Our flight are from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam, with Etihad, return flight at RM2500. Amsterdam to Iceland (WOW Airway) at RM584, then Iceland to Cophengan, Denmark (RM503).

Flights in total: RM3,587 per person


dsc_2258We booked our accommodation (entire home) via airbnb with Hannes for 3 nights. Staying in Reykjavik for a maximum 2 nights is more than enough.

Total: 383 SGD / 5 people = 76.60 SGD = RM228 


dsc_3459-2We got our campervan for 6 days with Kuku Campers. Theirs will be the cheapest for us. We book a 5 sleepers campervan (autogear) but when we get the car on the day, we realize it is too big for us, it will be too stressful to drive such big van in an opposite direction. So we changed to a 4 sleepers (which is enough for 5 adults) manual car. It is cheaper but the money is not refundable, so the price we paid for is 1,100EUR (for a total of 6 days + 60EUR included for returning the car at the airport).

We also paid for a full insurance cover for 6 days = 210EUR . I would recommend you taking the insurance that the rental company you go for, Iceland’s weather is unpredictable and any damage, it is costing a lot more than just 210 EUR (Check it here: Insurance).


Our driver, our cook

Gas bottle (for cooking) is much more cheaper to buy it directly from KukuCamper. Supermarket do not sell any gas bottle, and some gas station do sell but is slightly expensive. 2 bottle of the gas are much likely to be enough for a basic cooking for 6 days. You can buy more, and if you did not use it, just drop Kukucamper a message, and they will refund you the money. 1 bottle gas = 10 Eur , 2 = 20 EUR.

Infor: You don’t need to apply for any international driving license. A normal driving license with english words on it will be fine.

Total: 1,330 EUR / 5 people = 266 EUR. (Based on rate 1 EUR = RM4.6 = RM1,224)


dsc_3327-2Petrol in Iceland is expensive but if you are in a group, is affordable. Payment on gas are only by buying the gas prepaid card OR by credit card. Gas prepaid card can only be bought when there is staff at the station, if you are on a road trip, some town out of nowhere, there won’t have anyone there to assist you, and if you don’t have any gas prepaid card, you can only pay via credit card / debit card with a 4 digit pin, which doesn’t work on asia countries as our card are in 6 digit pin. Most popular petrol is N1.

dsc_3329-2We spent a total of 25,000 ISK for the petrol which is enough for 6 days. (Base on rate 1ISK = RM0.03637, 25,000ISK = RM909 / 5 people = RM182)


dsc_2347Is cheaper to cook yourself than eating out in Iceland. We bought our stuffs from Hagkaup. This is not the cheapest, so if you can, go for BONUS. Which is recommended by most of the travelers who had went to Iceland and has been stated that it is the cheapest supermarket in Iceland.

We bought up to a total of : 205 EUR / 5 people = 41 EUR = RM189

Sim Card

dsc_2707We bought our simcard – SIMINN at the airport. SIMINN is the most popular simcard in Iceland and its coverage network is pretty good. The simcard is at 3,000ISK which come with 1 GB and also voice call. We go for voice call as well, because in case you face any problems on the road, you are able to make a call for help. We also bought additional data 10GB at 3,300 ISK (of course you can go for 500MB at cheaper price, because we are sharing 1 simcard and data with 5 people that’s why we opt for a higher GB).

Total: 6,300 ISK = RM230 / 5 people = RM46

Blue Lagoon & Myvatn Natural Bath


Both hotspring are popular. For Blue Lagoon, it is highly advise you book it in advance and go for a standard ticket will do. For Myvatn Natural Bath, no advance needed, just show up and pay.

Blue Lagoon: 40 EUR = RM184

Myvatn Natural bath : 3500ISK = RM127


copy-of-dsc_2418During winter, most of the campsite are close. But it is still possible to go for those which are open. Do visit Campsite Iceland to search for its location. Some campsite requires fees and some are free, it all depend on the owner of the campsite. Parking in a campsite is more convenience as you get to use the toilet facilities and sometimes maybe shower facilities. It is legal to park anywhere in Iceland for just ONE NIGHT, but do pay attention if there is fence or signboard written no camping, then you are not allow to park there. We park our campervan most of the time at the available winter service campsite.

Total paid for campsite: 2350 ISK per person ( for around 3 campsite) = RM85

Other expenses:

dsc_3502-2Entrance to rooftop at Hallgrímskirkja Church : 900 ISK = RM 33

Having soup (highly recommended!) at Svarta Kaffid : 1750 ISK = RM63

Taxi (from airbnb to hallgrimskirkja church and kuku camper) : 7500 ISK = RM 273 / 5 people = RM55

Public transporation: We got 2 times of bus which cost 400 ISK each way. 400 ISK x 2 = 800 ISK = RM29

Flybus from airport to town : 2500 ISK per person = RM90

img_3960We eat several times of hotdog at different petrol station along our way, and we lost count of it. Average hot dog price are vary. Range at around 3.50EUR. Depending on what kind of hotdog your are ordering.

Coffees in Iceland is probably around 700 ISK to 900 ISK.

Total expenses in Iceland including flight tickets = RM6122. (The only expenses not included are those coffees and hotdogs and shopping as it depends on how you spend it).

img_3903If you wish to spend lessor, you may consider not to pay for campsite (which i recommend you should, as you can get a proper shower and toilets facilities) and camp somewhere at a road side.

Photocredits: Wenkang , do visit and support: Mr. K

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