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Solo Travel Is Not a Nightmare

” Is it safe? “, ” Aren’t alone lonely?”, ” Are you not afraid? ” and the question goes on…..

Many travellers come across the common question when you tell them you are alone on a trip (especially when you are a female).

What does it felt like?
Skydive @ Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Skydive @ Lake Taupo, New Zealand

To be honest, no words can describe this unique feeling. Every traveller have different perspective and also feelings toward it. So is hard to tell. For me, is a very unique path and also is miracle and knowledgable. You learn so much, you gain and of course you sacrifice. But at least give it a try and see what the world is trying to offer you in return.

Is it safe to travel alone as a female?

No place is really safe in this world, but it is not the reason to hold you back. Even staying at your own comfort zone doesn’t really bring you 100% safety. Safety is one of the basic things to learn, no matter where we are. Relating it to travel, we are going to an unknown, we should learn how to respect people around and also the cultures of its own.

For example, matter of dressing up. If you are visiting to a place where being open-minded is not their normal practice, pay attention on your outfit. Respect the culture, means respecting your own safety, dress something appropriate so you won’t get too much attention or being a target.

How to stay safe while travelling?
Shibuya Crossing Street, Tokyo Japan

Shibuya Crossing Street, Tokyo Japan

Pay attention on your surrounding. Practice to put down your devices (phone, tablets, ear phone) away while you are walking around the cities. Remember you are entering to somewhere you never been to, so be alert at all time around you, knowing what is going-on around you. Also avoid streets that have lessor street lights or people around.

Respecting the cultures and people of the country as I mentioned above. The most common thing for a female will be outfit and of course your language (be polite).

Practice to spread out all your valuable things (cash, credit cards, etc). Split them out, keep lessor stuffs in your wallet, put some cash in your socks, or some deeper corner in your bags or maybe even inside your clothing. Why? When you face something that is bad, (maybe being robbed), you may have lost your wallet, but you still have some emergency cash on you somewhere else.

I personally think that, have a photocopy of your Identity card and passport with you is also a benefit. In case, you lost your important documentations, you still have something to proof your identity.

Afraid of being alone?

Yang Min Shan, Taiwan

Yes. Travelling solo does make you feel lonely sometimes. But try to blend in, mix with people, talk with people. For example, I always encourage people to involve themself to stay at Hostels or Couchsurfing. These 2 places give you a lot of benefits of meeting the locals and other backpacker who are just like you: ALONE. Talk to them, always try asking them, maybe if they want to join you for a walk around or dinner or a few cups of drinks? Is always great to meet different kind of people along your way and you learn a lot from them. Sharing in exchange.

What does travel offers you back in return?
Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

If you try to raise up a travel topic with me, I have plenty of things to share to you. My path, why I can travel so much, why i’m so in love, why am I being so brave to just go without companion and so on.

“Being out of your own comfort zone, be out of the box and explore”

That’s the best phrase to tell people around you who admire you. Everyone can do the same path, but how much you want to do it?

You learn so much on what you can never get in school, in jobs or even in your daily life. You learn how to take care of yourself, how to force yourself to make decision, how to avoid dangers, how to solve problems, how to socialized and so on. All these, you only get to learn when you are traveling alone because you have no one else to give you a hand, but there is only YOU to trust.

Best of all, you learn and understanding yourself better and better each time. You understand yourself more and clearly knows what is best for you and what is worst for you. Additionally, your life journey path had something to add on, experience is different, and you get more stories to share around to the world.

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