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10 things to do in Singapore

What’s in your mind when a talk about SINGAPORE?

“Expensive, Boring, Citylife, Busy, Stress and the list goes on……”

YES! Is true but yet you can still have some fun while you are in Singapore. I’m an expat in Singapore and has been here for 5 years. IMHO, here to share with you on little things that I have done and I’m enjoyed the moment I’m involved.

10 Things to do in Singapore:


1. Don’t Miss out The Amazing Halloween Night at Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

If you had the chances, give USS Halloween Horror Night a chance. This event is an annual event where it started every year from Sept to OCT and it started from 5/6PM onwards to 12/1AM.

Highlight: Haunted house, stunning halloween shows / decorations and even the thrill rides are still open for you.


Early bird tickets should be costing you about 50-55 SGD (where it is cheaper than the day USS ticket that cost you around 76SGD!). You are not able to enter to horror night USS if you purchase the 76 SGD normal USS day ticket. Is a separate deal, so forget about the day ticket and just buy the horror USS ticket. You still get to enjoy all the thrill rides and is open till late 12-1AM!

2. BBQ or rent a bike at East Coast Park

Gather with some friends, rent the BBQ pit and you can order the food online and be send over there by just a few click HERE . You can also rent a bicycle and go around east coast park, and is very chilling. Best of all, you can also camp (but only in certain area) there too.

3. Night safari, River Safari , Singapore Zoo


If a day-zoo is too mainstream for you, why don’t check out Singapore’s night safari? Well i never been to but I will definitely go. I only tried out the day zoo and also the river safari which is quite cool but is humid because weather in Singapore is Hot~! If you dislike hot, go for the night safari, i’m sure it will give you an unique experience.


4. Street Performance at Orchard

If you walk around orchard around evening time (5/6PM onwards), during weekends, you will notice there is a lot of people doing street performance, no matter in showing their talented beat-boxing, dancing, singing, music instruments and so on.. There is no fixed schedule, be there and be amazed.

5. Garden by the bay

Garden by the bay is one of the most recommended tourist pick in Singapore. Well, I personally love its light show. Be there an enjoy. It is crowded when everyone is there to get prepare for the light show, but no worries, just sit on the floor or even lay down, you can even have the best moment of it.

6. Esplanade Rooftop


This is my favorite place of all times that i’m shock that not much people know about this spot even the locals! Try to go during night time for amazing panoramic night view and maybe catching the laser light from MBS. Trust me is stunning! If is raining, don’t go , because there is no shelter for you.

Direction: City Hall MRT or Esplanade MRT, follow the sign board directing you to Esplanade theater (is a durian spiky shape). Once you get there, find a lift that lead you to 4th floor. Once you are there, out of the lift, just proceed to the outdoor space at your left.

Oh, you can also enjoy really nice show (FREE) inside the main hall of Esplanade theater sometimes. (You will pass by to it when you are on the way to find the lift).

7. Cafe hopping

Canopy Cafe

There is a lot of cafes in Singapore. All you need to do is to google and search. Cafe hopping is great as you can discover a lot of places that you never thought it even exist with some really nice themes.

8. Sentosa Night View


Need some sun or bikinis ? Sentosa would be your great choices. But when it comes at night, you can consider to visit Faber Bistro which is located on top of the hill, giving you stunning view of Singapore and the Habourfront.( Link For You ). There is happy hour there so beers aren’t that expensive you think it is, and food there are nice and in great portion. Try that out.

9. Macritchie Reservoir Park & Singapore Botanic Garden

Image from google

Both is a nice getaway if you want to have some nature moments.You can have some hiking activities, jogging and so on. Is really a great place to go. I been there for a 5KM jogging into a forest and is absolutely amazing.

Image from google

Image from google

If you want to experience some outdoor movie screening, means you can just picnic and bring your own food and sit back and relax your movie that is shown on the big projector screen. (you will have to check their website for more details on upcoming screening).

10. Get Healthy!


If you want to stay in shape but trying not to burn your wallet? Check out Singapore’s public clubfitt GYM or swimming pool that has almost at least one if more of the neighborhood around Singapore. These places are cheap that won’t cost you more than 3.30SGD per entry for each GYM OR Swimming complex. Some swimming complex even has a slide that allows you and your kids or love one to enjoy. Is fun!

I believe there is more about hidden places in Singapore, all you had to do is explore. I’m leaving Singapore soon and sadly that I realise I haven’t finish explore Singapore. But I’ll be back again.



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