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5 Things about having a UK Uni Student Card

Sharing this piece of short information based on my personal experience. I used to be undergraduate student in Northumbria University based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

I always tell people around me whom are going aboard to the UK for studies, bring your Uni student card 24/7, in your wallet, and fully use it, because is so powerful that you are amazed by it!

5 Things about having a UK Uni Student Card 


1. Plenty of discount on retails shops & cinema

90% of the shops around the UK, they offer special discounts for those who have their student card. Always ask the staffs in the shop ” Any student discount?” Different shops, offer different range of discount. The most popular will be TopShop that offer 10% discount. Besides you can also get some price plan offer on your mobile network you choose from [depends on each different phone company]. You can even get student price if you want to watch a movie in the UK. No doubt.

2. Discounted price for entrance to most of attractions 

I personally tried this before while i travel around Europe. You can get student discount price if you ask while purchasing your ticket at the counter. I won’t say all museums or amusement give discount, but you can always try.

3. Cheaper food so you don’t have to starve

Lazy to cook but worrying about eating out is expensive? Don’t worry. Bring your student card along. Most restaurant, they give special price for those who have their valid student card. For example: Mcdonald. Order a set meal, showing your card, you can get an extra burger OR mcflurry for FREE. 

4. Spend lessor when you travel

Great news. Yes. You can get prices lower than regular prices. Having your student card, you can get variety of discount. On buses (local or even long journey busses – megabus[NUS extra card], national express, interRail,Oyster card [in London]).

5. Clubs and Alcohol is not a problem

I am not sure about other part of the UK, but in Newcastle Upon Tyne (NCL), is describe as a city that never sleeps. Theres a lot of international students and also there is a lot of clubs. With these student card, you can enter the clubs (of course age 18++) at a student price. Yes. You heard me. In NCL, we have these nights which is called “Skint Night”. Is dedicated to everyone, 1 pound on any drinks in the club.


There might be chances from time to time. But always ask: Any student discount?. You won’t regret.

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