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Boracay, the Philippines

10644834_10153915801335090_6782048191161598432_nA place that is well-known of it’s stunning beaches and sunset, and I couldn’t agree more. Here, sharing you some basic information if you plan to visit Boracay. Hope this help.

Best time to visit Boracay?

It actually depends on your mood and your schedule, but here, a rough month to guide you to choose your best pick.

November – May: Humid Hot, dry and super peak season. Best time to be if you want to do a lot of activities and get tanned, from land to sea. You name it, they have it. Everything during this month will be expensive because is the most favor month. Make sure you book your hotels in advance to avoid disappointment. It fills up quickly.

June to Oct: Typhoon season, Low season. Rain is common during these period and are more common but it will be much breezy compare to dry season.

How to get to Boracay Island?

12718135_10153915807340090_6526218895349498969_nThe most common airport that goes to Boracay Island will be Kalibo International Airport. This airport is not situated right outside the island, you need to sacrifice your time and patience to get there, where i will tell you how next.

Tigerairways serve direct flights from Singapore to Kalibo International Airport

Airasia also served direct flights from KL —- Kalibo International Airport.

Breakdown for the journey:-

Flights (Singapore to Kalibo – direct) : 3.5 hours

Bus from Kalibo airport to jetty : 2 hours

Jetty to Boracay Island (By ferry) : 15 – 20 Minutes

Van/ tricycle to your hotel : Approximate 15 minutes (depends on which station you are at)

Total hours spent to paradise: Approximate: 6 hours!!

Additional tips: Bare in mind, there is an airport terminal fee when you depart from Kalibo International airport. Please remember to check the rate : HERE

Airport Transfer & Island Activities

943852_10153915801105090_6051819605392432509_nThe best way to get to Boracay Island is by car/van/buses. Once you get out of the Airport, there will be a lot of people outside (the locals) asking if you want to go to Boracay Island, you may check and bargain the price there with them (price might be cheaper, remember to bargain). If you are in a big group or you want to book everything arranged in advance, Rizan will be the one whom you will love to contact with:

Email: or WECHAT : rizan001

12321189_10153917203095090_6024349500739036671_nHer best quote will be 975 peso / person, round trip transfer direct from the airport to your hotel in Boracay. (Price is including everything). Payment, is upon cash when you arrive, she will instruct you on how payment shall be passed to her.

Rizan also offer plenty of activities, you name it, she will quoted it for you with very cheap price (comparing to those who try to sell you at the beach). [Credit this information to my fren whom guide me after her trip to Boracay]

Getting around in Boracay

Photocredit: HUAHUAThe island is small and is divided into 3 beach station: 1 , 2 & 3.  Is easy to get around by foot and I really recommend this because you get to walk around and enjoy the beautiful beaches. If you are lazy, you may consider to take a ride of their “taxi” which is the Tuk-Tuk or Tricycle. Bargain! Prices: Tuktuk (Max 8 adults, 80-100 Peso/car), Tricycle (Max 3-4 adults, 60-80 peso/car). 

Photocredit: HUAHUA

Food & other activities
Photocredit: HUAHUA

Photocredit: HUAHUA

There are plenty of food at Boracay, but is a bit pricey but still depending on what you eat. I can’t recommend you anything much and also its prices because i’m on a Company Trip to the island we we are having food randomly on what we see without doing any research on what is recommended.

Night time at the beach is absolutely amazing. Is very breezy and chilly. Grab a beer, sit on the beaches. There are plenty of pubs that offer places for you to sit on the beaches and enjoy the night. Parties are always around the island especially on the weekends. You also get to see a lot of fire performance and is very common at the Island.

Massage will also be another relaxation if you are not a beach person or an alcoholic person.

12920245_10153917203620090_4270127474604296402_nCatch the sun-set and sunrise at the beach. Sunrise is catachable at the bulabog beach where sunrise can be easily seen at any station 1 – 3.

Video of Boracay

Here, to introduce you my video of my trip to Boracay Island in March 2016.

A Trip to Boracay

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